The Mountains of Pella

Try your skills at Kaimaktsalan Ski Center!





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The Mountains of Pella

The top of Voras is always white and, despite the 2524m., it dares you to climb over it and slide off the slopes, to emerge in extreme sport and enjoy the beauties of nature. Just below, you will find the waterfalls of Edessa, which "invite" you to dive, but the smell of freshly cooked food in the taverns convince you for a perfect dinner with Dionysian drinks.

The White Top
The magic mountain in Pella wins you all year round and most in the winter. The area, besides the skiing, is ideal for extreme sports, to raise the height of your adrenaline, as rafting, kayak, enduro, moto cross, trekking, gliding, parapente, paragliding, cycling and horse riding.

Arriving at the ski resort Kaimaktsalan you will be impressed by the white vast natural slopes and the open horizon, leaving the eye to roam the snowy landscapes. The ski center of Kaimaktsalan is one of the few that you can go skiing from late November until early May because of the length of snow. It features 14 tracks of 11,000 meters, enabling any novice or experienced skier to enjoy the snow, with the help of special ski trainers. For the lovers of snowboard, it has been created a Snowboard Fun Park. Despite the cold, you'll find warm hospitality at the chalet of the ski center. Behind the glass wall, you can enjoy your coffee or your food by looking at the vast white landscape. The chalet has a hotel with 46 beds and a restaurant - ouzeri with traditional local cuisine.

Saint Athanasios
In this lovely picturesque village, the silence is an advantage when it brings many visitors here from Thessaloniki and other cities. You will see the recently restored traditional village which offers hospitality and tastes of local cuisine. The cobblestone streets and the renovated houses will "travel" you to another era and remind you how beautiful is the countryside. Do not make the mistake to come to the village without having previously booked a room, especially on weekends and holidays.

The path to the ski resort through the edge of the Black Forest is stunning with a fantastic view of the area. Stop in the site 'Cherries' and maybe you can see some parapente to take off.